The 2019 London Hospitality Awards

Presented by the Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association's London Region. Nominate then vote for your Regional Hospitality Stars!
Winners in the Industry Awards category will be selected by a prestigious panel of judges of leaders in the London community and presented at the awards gala.

Awards Gala

The London Convention Center

We are excited to host this Gala event for ORHMA's London Region. It is also your opportunity to help us bring together and formally recognize some of the great Hospitality and Tourism professionals in our region.

As part of the ORHMA's commitment to professional development, our goal is to raise scholarship funds that will directly support students in Fanshawe hospitality program. Any remaining funds will go to the ORHMA London Regional board to support local efforts that strengthen the voice of Tourism and Hospitality in our region.

We want you to help us find the best of the best!

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